Hotel Bračka Perla in Supetar on Island Brač opened its doors to those who are in love with the true natural beauty of the island and in search of the artistic inspiration, as well as to hedonists longing for comfort of Dalmatian villas.

It is located only a few minutes from Supetar town center, in a secluded green bay, with a gorgeous pool and spacious modern rooms. Staying at Bračka Perla is certainly the best choice for those seeking natural ambiance, comfort and a peaceful environment far from the tourist crowds.
Agro Resort Bračka Perla in the most visited tourist region of southern Croatia, namely Dalmatia

Bračka Perla Hotel, situated in the lovely Supetar cove, opened its doors to those who are in love with the true natural beauty of the island and in search of the artistic inspiration, as well as to hedonists longing for the comfort of the Dalmatian villas on the beautiful island of Brač in the most visited tourist region of southern Croatia, namely Dalmatia.

southern Croatia, namely Dalmatia.    Bračka Perla Hotel is surrounded by thick pine woods, lavender bushes and olive groves mildly leaning towards the sea, transforming the cove into the ideal place for rest and relaxation.

View from the beach right before the hotel reaches the land where you can make out the panorama of Split in the distance. We believe that the luxurious and the painted suites, the acrylic sculptures in the gardens and the diversity of the accompanying relaxation activities of the Bračka Perla Hotel will certainly set new standards when it comes to luxurious getaways, while the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the intimacy blended with the karst valleys of the sandy coves will leave even the most demanding guest breathless.

Bračka Perla Hotel and its cordial staff eagerly await for your arrival, hoping that the hotel will meet all your expectations, as well as stimulate your senses, so that you can fully enjoy the magic of the island and truly dive into the authentic Mediterranean.

Maindarin suite
Pomegranate suite
Grapevine suite
Olive suite
Lavander suite
Rosemary suite
Lemon guestroom
Agave guestroom
Palm guestroom
Cypress guestroom
Fig guestroom

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Book a luxury suite accommodation in Supetar, on the island of Brač
Hotel accommodation Bračka Perla in Supetar, on the island of Brač, offers:
6 fascinating suites and
5 rooms that are outfitted with specificity and comfort
Their interiors inspired artist Srećko Žitnik to create a story – story about authentic flora of the Mediterranean as it once was.

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Each of the luxuriously equipped suites features kitchen, where you can have fun preparing Mediterranean specialties by following recipes in old Dalmatian cookbooks.

Living room, that features satellite TV, wireless internet and telephone, is reserved for those moments when you want to hear the news from the outer world.

There are, of course, bedroom and bathroom for the moments of rest and refreshment.The most beautiful sight are certainly hotel terraces, where, we believe, you will spend unforgettable moments of your vacation observing garden sculptures, lightened by the colours of the Mediterranean's most beautiful sunset.


Besides luxury suite accommodation, we offer accommodation in superior guestrooms, which also open their island soul to everybody who wants to find a moment of relaxation between their walls.
Artist Srećko Žitnik graduated from the art school in the class of Professor Ivan Krstulović, and he presented his painting skills at the exhibitions in his country, but also throughout the World, from India, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany all the way to the faraway America.
Hotel facilities and services

Relax with a massage, sauna and jacuzzi
Please your senses with a relaxing massage, enjoying the sauna or the jacuzzi at the garden terrace. If you want more than merely relax, you have the gym at your disposal.

The aim of each offered wellness facility is to centre the mind, nourish the body and lift the spirit. After engaging in sporting activities or picking seasonal fruits in the Agro Resort Bračka Perla, the hotel wellness is certainly the best place to go.
Outdoor pool in the open Mediterranean ambience of the Bračka Perla Villa

Hidden in the shadow of the cypress and olive trees, while a refreshing cocktail cools your palate, and the lavender scent teases your nostrils, the moments of complete relaxation appear. Outdoor pool can be fully experienced in the night hours, swimming under the stars and enjoying the breathtaking ambience.

Warm summer months are ideal for outdoor weddings, and wedding ceremonies held by the pool surrounded by gardens and various vegetation have a special flare to them. If you wish to spend your dream day in the Mediterranean ambience of the Bračka Perla Hotel, our staff is at your service. You can book Bračka Perla Villa for yourself and your guests exclusively and enjoy all its facilities.

Mediterranean cuisine specialties
Dalmatian cuisine:
Dalmatian cuisine did not occur by accident; it is a solid combination of different cultural influences from the East, the West, the North and the South. The dominant ingredients of the Dalmatian cuisine are fish and meat with plenty of raw and cooked vegetables, complemented by aromatic herbs which are indispensible in this gourmet fairytale.  Ingredients are top-quality for their freshness and traditional growth as well, while herbs and spices are extremely aromatic due to mild Mediterranean climate.

Brač cuisine: Brač cuisine ingredients are modest and simple due to karst-like and barren soil, and for this reason  the Brač cooks had to employ utter creativity in order to complete a meal. Making of delicious, healthy and imaginative meals from such scarcity can only be done by skilful Brač cooks.  The most famous meals from Brač cuisine are meat-based meals, baked under a baking lid with potatoes or vegetables which emphasise the extraordinary quality of food prepared from fresh ingredients in traditional manner.


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